Strong speaking skills are key to getting what you want. If you are trying to persuade senior leaders, inspire direct reports or build business with clients, CCG will help you with proven communication strategies whether you are in a face to face or virtual meeting.

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically increased the number of phone and video conferences, and that is likely to continue post crisis. Virtual meetings require a different skill set. CCG can help you prepare and present in a way that is virtually as good as face to face!

Listen to a clip from a recent session Civiello conducted to improve conversations with clients in crisis and check out her tweets on the homepage:

CCG will help you:

  • Develop a strong message using the CCG method
  • Polish your style, focusing on the visual, vocal and verbal style elements
  • Anticipate and handle challenging questions
  • Illustrate your message with a variety of visual aids including slideware
  • Fight fear!

Panel Preparation

More and more are participating in industry panels as a way to establish thought leadership. CCG helps prepare panel moderators and participants at some of the most high profile panels from Vanity Fair to Bloomberg and Time to Fortune’s Most Powerful Women and Brainstorm Tech.

Mary Civiello has moderated and presented at some of these events. She can help you plan what you’ll say and polish your style to make sure you’re remembered.

Check it out:

How We Work

Working in half or full-day sessions, one-on-one or in small groups, CCG helps you improve by using videotape to identify your strengths, and providing techniques to take it up a notch. Working in our studio or your office, we’ll show you how to increase interactivity, put pizzazz into your PowerPoint, and offer ways to incorporate other visual aids; props, video and flipcharts, to better make your point. If you are planning to use a teleprompter, CCG provides expert guidance from coaches who all have read “prompter” as part of their TV careers.

We support you before, during and after every session:

Bottom Line: You’ll always leave the room with new skills and more confidence.


"I wanted to improve my presentations to our board, as well as presentations across the company. I reached out to Mary thinking it would be a one-time engagement. That was nine years ago. Since that time she has become a trusted advisor and friend who has had helped me immensely. I now have teams throughout the company working with her on a quarterly basis and as I write this am finalizing a team engagement for our Executive Team to prep for our next Board meeting. I think that about says it all."

Phil Plylar

President, Mountaire

"Civiello knows of what she speaks: She works with executives at such companies as Morgan Stanley (MS), American Express (AXP), DreamWorks Animation (DWA), Merck (MRK) and Fortune's parent, Time Inc. (TWX)--and in fact, worked with my colleagues and me to help us win the crowd at the 2011 Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit."

Pattie Sellers

Executive Director of Fortune
MPW Summits and Live Content

"Mary has been outstanding in helping me throughout the years. I didn't want or need a cookie cutter approach to coaching and Mary's guidance isanything but. Her coaching has been completely customized to me, my needs and my style. She's constantly pushing me to try new things and find more variety. To me that's been refreshing, and it's been a tremendous amount of fun at the same time"

Andy Saperstein

Head of Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley

"For the last several years Mary has coached me and my team of experienced presenters for our global client meetings, and she always makes a very tangible difference."

Shane Berry

Senior VP, Global Commercial Services, American Express