CommunicationCounts™ is a virtual learning platform designed to improve written and verbal communication. It is a series of courses, each addressing a common business scenario ranging from writing an email or report to presenting in meetings of all kinds.

Each course consists of engaging videos; animations, demonstrations and tips/techniques delivered by professional trainers who all former TV newscasters. The videos are accompanied by exercises co-developed by global enterprise learning specialists. The exercises as well as tip sheets reinforce learning and can be revisited just before you have to write an important paper or deliver a presentation.

The platform can be branded and customized for each customer. It can also be updated with the latest studies and stories on executive communication.

Who is it for?

CommunicationCounts™ is aimed at all employees, from new hires looking to acquire foundational skills to middle managers taking on bigger leadership roles and senior leaders interested in adding impact to their communications.  It is a platform that can be used in organizations of all sizes, across all sectors around the world.  Indeed one Fortune 100 firm has just translated CommunicationCounts™ into 10 languages to support their global workforce.

Why eLearning?

It is the most cost efficient way to scale a core capability, communication. CommunicationCounts™:

  • Saves money: Provides what ordinarily requires live workshops run by professional trainers
  • Saves time: Employees can access the modules at their desks and work at their own pace and time of their choosing
  • Ensures consistency: Employees learn to write and speak using the same proven communication techniques while respecting style differences around the world

How does it Work?

CommunicationCounts™ can be consumed as a full course or in “byte”-size bits at your desk, or in a facilitated training session. A full script accompanies the modules as an option to the videos, and to increase facilitator comfort with the content.

eLearning Modules



  • A due diligence for written and verbal communication
  • The 3×3 Method for message development
  • The Modular Message strategy to adjust for time and audience



  • The effective use of visual aids from PowerPoint to props
  • How to grab and keep an audience
  • How to control fear

Make a Minute Matter


  • Bullet speak
  • Question control techniques
  • The PREP method for better meeting participation and impromptu talks



  • How to set and keep an agenda
  • Tips to handle video conferences and maintain engagement
  • How to adjust for any audience including international audiences



  • How to make sure they open your emails
  • Tips to tighten your writing
  • How to write a clear and concise one-page report

with Pizzazz


  • How to develop a unique message that stands out
  • How to plan and moderate a panel
  • How to keep your audience engaged

the Media


  • Question control techniques
  • How to make your message resonate in social media
  • How to be your best on video